Internet cafes hang in balance in new state gambling bill

A bill that could bring three casino resorts to Miami-Dade and Broward counties while changing the state’s gambling regulatory environment also could shut down most of Florida’s Internet cafes.
That might not include, however, closing veterans-oriented locations like Allied Veterans of the World on 14th Street in Vero Beach.

Proposed ordinance would ban roadside solicitations in St. Lucie County

City council members voted unanimously this week to bring an ordinance banning roadside solicitations up for a vote at their meeting on Sept. 26. The ordinance is also expected to be adopted by the City of Fort Pierce and the St. Lucie County Commission to ban the practice of standing in or along road medians to solicit.

Senate bill that would shut down Internet cafes like Allied Veterans won’t pass this year

By Joe Crankshaw A bill that would ban “Internet cafes” such as the one run by Allied Veterans of the World and Affiliates in Vero Beach is “dead in the Senate,” according to a key committee chair. Although the Allied group says its operation raises money for veterans, the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling says

St. Lucie County considering anti-solicitation ordinance if cities get on board

County commissioners said they are interested in creating a new rule to eliminate roadside solicitations, but they said to make such a rule effective, the cities must be involved.

Vero Beach operation plays role in House committee vote to ban Internet cafe gambling

Many locations tout their contributions to charities and veterans’ causes.

Internet cafe that raises money for veterans promotes gambling, group says

Allied Veterans, with a location in Vero Beach, is a home for “convenience gambling,” according to the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling.

Treasure Coast authorities say they’ll enforce state law regulating solicitors for veterans’ groups

Those wearing camouflage and collecting money must prove they are veterans or active duty personnel.

Fort Pierce police OK one veterans charity, ban another from city roadways

One organization trying to collect money for veterans while standing on public roadways has been banned from the city, Fort Pierce Police Department Capt. Gregg Kirk said Thursday, but a second has been permitted.

Snyder thinks legislature should look at charities ‘helping’ veterans

The legislature ought to look into abuses committed by charities ostensibly “helping” veterans and their families, State Rep. William Snyder said.

Treasure Coast lawmakers criticize veterans’ organizations’ collection practices

Groups shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind the first amendment, U.S. Rep Bill Posey says.